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Family Home Visit With Jennifer Williams, Relationship Coach

Delivered by Mail

Do you need a little extra parenting support? Do you simply want to improve your communication as a family? Invite Jennifer Williams, relationship coach and founder of Heartmanity, into your home for a private coaching and behavioral consult to get a head start on creating or improving family dynamics that enrich the whole family. You'll learn skills that empower you to naturally enjoy your children more and love being a parent.

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Expires 6 months from date of purchase. Valid for home visit within 25 miles of Bozeman/Livingston. Destinations farther than 25 miles may be subject to mileage fees. No credit/cash back. 

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801 West Main Street
Suite 2B Bozeman, MT 59715
P: 406-579-8008
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Edy | about 1 year ago

I'm curious - are you licensed to provide professional mental health services in the state of Montana?

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| about 1 year ago

My goal with families is to empower parents to find respectful ways to respond to their children from their hearts and convey unconditional love, not to provide mental health services. I act as a support person to help parents find effective ways to respond to children's behavior that create more harmony and peace in the home. This is an extension of my Redirecting Children's Behavior and Emotional Intelligence parenting classes. I have been a relationship coach for 20 plus years and am driven to provide this service when I see the extraordinary results in the families I work with. If I find a family or individual would be better served by a mental health professional, I refer them to one.

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